David P. Fidler

David P. Fidler is a senior fellow for global health and cybersecurity at the Council on Foreign Relations. 


At COP28, the Climate-Health Nexus Turned a Corner, for Better and Worse

Health got more attention, a change that magnifies the unprecedented dangers an unprepared world faces


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Shockwaves From the Israel-Hamas War Threaten Global Health

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Counterterrorism Concepts and Health Policy Debates

Attacking drug cartels and applying pro-life principles to aid echoes ideas from the war on terrorism


American Conservatism and Global Health

A presidential transition strategy contains a conservative vision for U.S. global health policy


The UN General Assembly Hosts an Ambitious Health Agenda

Summits and high-level meetings will address post-COVID global health challenges


The G20 Summit Showcased India’s Ambitions in a Geopolitical World

The New Delhi declaration positioned global health within a nonaligned development strategy


Blocs, the BRICS, and Global Health

Recent geopolitical moves further reshape the international context for global health


Amid Global Boiling, the Foreign Policy Response Remains Lacking

Record heat clarifies the severity of the foreign policy problems climate mitigation and adaptation pose