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Diet-related disease is linked to eight out of ten leading causes of death worldwide. Obesity is on the rise in many countries. Almost nine percent of the world's population is undernourished. Climate change and growing populations are on a trajectory that will lead to increases in food insecurity. This section examines these issues and how food policies and systems impact equity and human well-being.


Is It Time to Rethink Regulations on Ultra-Processed Foods?

Why experts and policymakers are challenging traditional nutrition approaches to tackle diet-related health crises

The Philippines’ Blind Spot for Alcohol

Why the alcohol problem in the Philippines is complicated


Corporate Influence in Ecuador’s Food Policy

Recent policies enable corporations to set priorities for the country’s child malnutrition strategy


What Brazil’s “Poison Package” Means for Global Food Supplies

New legislation could weaken regulations on pesticide use, allowing for temporary approvals before risks are reviewed


Sri Lanka’s Alcohol Tax Reform Spurs Economic and Health Recovery

Amidst economic turmoil, the opportunity emerges for transformative fiscal policies to tackle public health challenges


Seaweed’s Renaissance

How the seaweed industry is changing the tide on climate, health, and agriculture


A Successful Battle Against the Bottle

How the government, health-care professionals, and the community improved alcohol policies in Taiwan


You Can’t Eat Tobacco

Transitioning away from tobacco farming can improve food security


Reducing Alcohol-Related Deaths in Lithuania

How the country is cutting down on deaths related to excess drinking


Alcohol in Excess

How the World Health Organization plans to curb excess drinking across countries


Overpowering the Food Industry

The presidential politics of childhood obesity in emerging markets


A Look at Food Warning Labels in Mexico

Little black octagons are part of a growing arsenal of policy efforts to combat obesity


Survival, Subsistence, and Food Sovereignty in Alaska

Laws around subsistence hunting and fishing in Alaska are not protecting the Indigenous peoples who rely on it


Rethinking Farming in Rwanda

The Rwandan Institute for Conservation Agriculture wants to empower small farmers