Contributors consider themes in the global health landscape


Twenty Years of PEPFAR

On January 28, 2003, President George W. Bush announced a program to fight HIV/AIDS that would change the world

Alcohol and Global Health

Examining the underappreciated and growing impact of alcohol on global health

The War in Ukraine

Perspectives on Russia's invasion of Ukraine through a global health lens

Health in India

Three years into COVID-19, India has lost, learned, and is building back

U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Health

It's Time to Rethink U.S. Engagement on Global Health 

Mayors Around the World

Exclusive one-on-one interviews with mayors and other local leaders around the world

Culture Fridays

Exploring the intersection between the arts, culture, and global health

LGBTQI+ Experiences in Global Health

Global health's impact on LGBTQ health and rights

Young Voices in Global Health

Commentary and research by the newest and brightest voices in global and public health

Personal Essays on Health

Contributors share how global health has shaped their lives

Urban Health

The future of global health is urban health

Second Year Anniversary

Think Global Health marks its second year of global health coverage in unprecedented times with this anniversary series

Global Health is Failing Women and Girls

Global investments in women and girls have stalled, leaving many underserved

Coronavirus in India

A series highlighting India’s COVID-19 pandemic struggles and solutions moving forward

Democracy and Coronavirus

COVID-19 has sparked a serious decline in democratic rights and freedoms globally, damaging public health efforts

Coronavirus Knows No Borders

This series explores how COVID-19 is unfolding in places like Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, India, Iran, Kenya, Lebanon...

Making a Healthier World for Women

Women's health is often centered around maternal and reproductive health. This series expands on these ideas, from rural...

The Biden Administration and COVID-19

Contributors consider the priorities for a new U.S. administration  

Global Health Governance in Transition

There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities, evolving health needs...


Our #WorldNoTobaccoDay series delves into how tobacco affects lives,

One Year Anniversary

To commemorate our first year of global health coverage in unprecedented times, we've asked some of the leading voices...