Our editorial team sits down with the voices shaping global health today


Over One Million Projected COVID Deaths in China

IHME's Ali Mokdad breaks down what that means

Is It the End of COVID-19 as We Know it?

IHME Director Christopher Murray weighs in on the state of the pandemic, the new omicron vaccine, and flu season


Navigating Health Disparities in Navajo Nation

Jennie Wei on challenges and lessons learned in addressing disparities and cultivating community resilience


Vaccine Confidence After COVID-19

An interview with Ali Mokdad on how the pandemic affected trust in vaccines


Hope for a Neglected Condition

An interview with an organizer and activist born with sickle cell disease in the DRC, plus a leading medical expert


Inside the New Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy

An interview with Ambassador-at-Large John Nkengasong


Migrant Health After the End of Title 42

Two immigration experts discuss the impact of the end of Title 42 on the health of migrants at the border


How a Heavily Armed Country Cut Gun Suicide

Inside Israel’s suicide prevention programs


Health Practitioners Say #MeToo

Unmasking widespread sexual harassment and abuse in the global health sector


Gun Violence in the United States

Jonathan Lowy, founder of Global Action on Gun Violence, discusses U.S. gun companies’ role in creating violence


Reducing Alcohol-Related Deaths in Lithuania

How the country is cutting down on deaths related to excess drinking


Drug-Resistant Malaria Is Up 1,000 Percent in Myanmar

Civil conflict and disease compound in the eastern border regions


Alcohol: A Public Health Blind Spot

Richard Yoast on alcohol consumption and how philanthropies could help curb excess drinking   


Alcohol in Excess

How the World Health Organization plans to curb excess drinking across countries