COVID-19 Pandemics


Solving for Oxygen

Why policymakers should work to make medical oxygen more accessible

In For the Long Haul

Three years into the pandemic, here is how long COVID continues to affect people across the globe


Rethinking Financial Estimates for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Current estimates do not share a standardized methodology for predicting the costs or scope of PPR


The Polarized Pandemic

COVID-19 has contributed to the fragmentation of domestic and international politics


Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

Despite a likely undercount in many places, COVID is among the leading causes of death in most countries  


COVID Deaths in Rural China

Funerals and traditions during Spring Festival travel


Over One Million Projected COVID Deaths in China

IHME's Ali Mokdad breaks down what that means


China's Media Coverage of COVID-19 Is Shifting

What it means for the future of Zero-COVID


What to Expect This Winter

Our questions about the "tripledemic"—COVID-19, flu, and RSV—are answered by public health expert Ali H. Mokdad


"10 Bed ICU" Brings Intensive Care Units to India's Rural Towns and Villages

A collaboration between business experts, nonprofit organizations, and India's government is making it happen


Back From the Brink

A plan of action for the pandemic preparedness and response Financial Intermediary Fund


Five Global Health Takeaways From the 77th UN General Assembly

In a complex world, UNGA 77 sparks needed momentum on global health