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Climate Change’s Hidden Mental Toll On Children

New evidence reveals that the climate crisis affects neurological and mental well-being more than previously understood

Navigating Health Disparities in Navajo Nation

by Ted Alcorn, Alejandra Martinez - November 22, 2023

Jennie Wei on challenges and lessons learned in addressing disparities and cultivating community resilience

Health workers rest outside a quarantine zone at a Red Cross facility

How to Stop West Africa’s Brain Drain

Data in Global Health

Featured Data Points

Series: Women Leaders in Global Health

See all
Our editorial team sits down with the women shaping global health today

Choosing to Make a Change

Dr. Helene Gayle on her trailblazing career and the questions she still ponders

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Reveals Changes in the Trade-Health Nexus

President Joe Biden’s push to finish the IPEF highlights how trade and health issues have evolved

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